Texas Southern Tigers


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  1. Open said, on August 28, 2013 at 22:10

    I loved this post! I’d love to know what you would have written on the guest-gift list I think I would say this to the new preants: Nobody’s perfect. Stop and listen and take an interest in your children, always; no matter what age they are. Expect to learn from your children. And, it’s only hair.Sunshine x

  2. Aurea said, on July 29, 2013 at 04:38

    I guess I am just sick of bitching Cowboy fans aruond here yeah, he did not like the trade up in round one move for a few reasons, but he never slammed the player as being bad. he laid out a both sides of the discussion, but got killed for the anti-Cowboy stance, called biased, etc. He is an Eagles fan, yes but he also is one of the most level headed football bloggers you will ever find.If you want true bias and awfulness, go check out Jason B’s work sometime (you know, the guy who made fun of a Cowboy fan on a link to an article about the Cowboy fan missing his deceased child?) go check out the Colt’s SBN site, or hell, just about any other blog. Jimmy is a good egg that gives credit when it fits, derision when it fits, and yes, sometimes he is wrong on both counts, but it is not bias (hell, he even admits his being wrong after the fact, which is bloody rare in today’s blogging environment).That said, I now await the label of apologist suck up, because that is what the script calls for in this situation. Start adding to the narrative NOW!

  3. Adebo said, on July 26, 2013 at 18:24

    To both Dr. King and Dave, and everyone else, I am sorry if I have ofnefded you by sharing this video.As I stated in the post, I know animals used in comedic performances like this are most often abused. I am aware of how the entertainment industry has trained performance animals. Sometimes they detooth chimps, sometimes they pierce bears by the nose, for example. The extent of their abuse is also psychological.But we really don’t know the exact story behind this chimpanzee and dog to be jumping to conclusions that they endured abuse to film it. Dr. King raised this point above, Is it really possible to know that there’s excruciating treatment and abuse behind a video– and still laugh? It is likely that short films like this have starred abused animals, but it is also likely that these animals were well treated. Probably sounds naive, but I have seen and meet several animal trainers who do not abuse their animals. I don’t know how animal training practices are carried out in Japan but many modern animal trainers adopt new codes of ethics and morals that differ from older traditional ways of animal training. If this is the case, if animals were not physically nor psychologically abused, I feel like it is okay to laugh. But that’s my personal opinion. So that makes me curious to ask, as scientists and public advocates for animal welfare, do we stand against any sort of animal training or use of animals in entertainment?That’s for us to think about and discuss, I hope.And about not finding it humorous, I guess I’ve learned that’s all relative to the audience. So this post hasn’t gartered the comedic relief I intended for it but I feel at least we may agree on when or when it is not ethical to use animals in entertainment.

    • Simona said, on March 8, 2014 at 11:34

      its broad application would cntnioue to foster inequities.a0 China, for example, recorded almost six times more private and public investment in clean tech than the United States in 2009, and will increasingly be expected to assert greater

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