South Carolina Upstate Spartans


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  1. Keno said, on November 5, 2013 at 22:30

    Some of these arguments may have a litlte footing. But the truth is simple as A-B-C.Idaho is Idaho. It is for local control and they are terrified of outsiders who or whatever they represent Eamine the school system in southeast Idaho and who controls it.Do we not have religion classes taught in the public schools. Are there not seminaries adjacent to school property, and in some disticts like Grace Idaho on school property built of the same material with the same object in design.Idaho has long been at the bottom in education,and anything even hinting at influence from the outside is smacked with a threat to the existing structure of control by local school boards that are predominately Mormon controlled.That says it all.Tech and on-line education are the wave of the future. But the vast majority of school boardsand teachers as well are tech illiterates and view any CHANGE as a threat to their dinosaur system, and greatest of all a threatto the religious dominiation of local boardsin league with parent groups.Most people voted no, for the same reason they voted not to enlarge Holt Arena. Anything having to do with community or education improvement is an automatic no.In the words of Mark twain about Huckelberry Finn. My Pap didn’t know how to read or write,and my Ma either. And your Ma didn’t and I can’t, so you give up those new fangeled notions.But this era is one of tech literacy or illiteracy. And idaho voted as it always does.Idaho votes for this case tech illiteracy.

  2. Aline said, on July 26, 2013 at 18:46

    We just went down to LaConner in Washington on our boat and there were herons evhewyerre. When I’m in Powell River I can hear them flying around the marina at night. They have such a distinctive husky voice. – Margy

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