Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos


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  1. Tear said, on October 22, 2013 at 00:20

    I think one of my problems in the last excnhage was your use of the term, multiculturalism. You seem to be using a term that, at least to you, means something antithetical to a rank-ordering by value of disparate cultures. I think it is a confusing and not very useful concept, and I don’t really know how to get hold of, at least in the context you use it. When people use the word culture in this context, I get a bit nervous. America doesn’t really have A Culture in any sort of sense that one might say 19th Century England, Germany or France had a culture. We are entirely too polyglot, and, in my view, refreshingly so. Inherent in your comment was the idea that there was something inferior about modern immigration to prior immigration. That implicit thought lurks in your most recent comment. My point before, and now, is that that kind of thinking was prevalent among the English when the Germans came, the English Germans when the Irish came, the Irish-English-Germans when the Mediterranean, Asian, and Eastern European Jews came. But somehow all that immigration created what we are today and largely assimilated, not into the original English mold, but into something that kept changing. In your last comment, you seem to be saying that there’s something more strange in recent immigration than in these previous waves that bears close monitoring and we can’t accept new immigrants without boring into exactly what they believe and how they live. I have a lot more faith than you (apparently) the idea that America offers an attractive enough alternative to attitudes and lands left behind that there will not be a break with past experience that immigration is a strengthening phenomenon. To advance the discussion, perhaps we can get more specific and you can describe what it is in recent immigration that underlies the general concerns you express in your most recent comments.

  2. Panmei said, on July 29, 2013 at 08:13

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