Oh, Perhaps I Forgot to Mention…

Posted in Uncategorized by Dave on December 9, 2011

I’m back!

I had come up with a number of scenarios for my absence (alien abduction, secret CIA mission, etc) but my producer (aka: my “don’t call me the wife”) deemed them too cliché. She did find my hobby farm story entertaining but let’s face it: you won’t find me anywhere near any undertaking that involves getting up before the sun everyday. It’s too bad, because the timeline of planting season to harvest would have fit perfectly with my disappearance from the web. My wedding is probably the only major event I can pinpoint even loosely as a factor in my sabbatical, but when you really break it down my attention span isn’t the most intense…Oooo! SQUIRREL!…what was I saying?

But, she (who from now on will be known as “Schmitten”) really deserves some credit for my return as well. Schmitten is the pragmatist in this relationship, while I’m the starstruck dreamer plotting schemes that waaaaaay out-kick their coverage. That’s why for at least the 2011 Mascotology Bowl Challenge you won’t see any links, pictures or graphics…just a stream of consciousness that will hopefully be completed before the bowl games begin. WHAT?! Me make a deadline? Now isn’t THAT a novel concept… 

Ps-Schmitten and her cousin (aka: Chardonnay) found my About the Author page silly, and think I should take it more seriously. Did you ladies just meet me?! Anyway, I may heed their advice, but I’m open to other opinions…


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