2011 First Round (Play-in Round) March 15-16.

Posted in 2011 Tournament by Dave on March 16, 2011

Yeah, I know the NCAA would like us to call this the first round, but c’mon. We all know it’s still a play-in no matter how many mediocre teams they let in (68…and counting).

On to the matchups:

Bulldogs vs. Trojans

 Dayton, OH-As with all the play-in pairings, the Bulldogs from North Carolina-Asheville and the Trojans of Arkansas-Little Rock will face off mano y mano…make that mano y perro. The Bulldog should pull into town first, but that won’t be an advantage against the road-weary Trojan warrior looking for a meal and a bed. Something tells me he won’t be above eating dog…
WINNER: Trojans 

Blazers vs. Tigers

Dayton, OH-It kills me when UAB gets in the tourney because there isn’t much out there that can beat a dragon, especially in a heads up fight. I mean, have you seen Reign of Fire? (If you haven’t, don’t) I was hoping for a cold snap to roll through Ohio to keep this reptile under wraps, but highs in the mid 50’s isn’t what the doctor ordered. Besides, now Blaze will have a Clemson Tiger pelt to help keep the core temp up.
WINNER: Blazers

Hornets vs. Roadrunners

Dayton, OH-Did Tim Burton design Alabama State’s mascot? Anyway, even though the Hornet gets the shorter commute, and Rowdy (the Roadrunner) will have to leave his traditional stomping grounds to get to Dayton, he still brings the advantage: The Roadrunner (Geococcyx) is the only natural predator of the spider-killing tarantula hawk wasp; hornets are part of the wasp family; Conclusion: That hornet better check his rear view while buzzing up I-75.
 WINNER: Roadrunners 

Trojans vs. Rams

 Dayton, OH-You’ve heard of the lion laying down with the lamb, but VCU‘s Rodney the Ram looks like a dog laid down with a lamb downstream from the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant. Regardless, Tommy Trojan has probably slain stranger beasts during his odyssey, so count on that nice, shiny sword getting a little stained. 
WINNER: Trojans


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